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Frequently Asked Dumpster Rental Questions

1. How does the dumpster rental pricing work and what about overages?

Well, for each sized dumpster there is a certain weight limit included in the stated price. See Dumpsters– for every ton (2000lbs) you go over the stated weight limit, the cost is $95 (or a fraction thereof). Additionally each dumpster rental includes 1 week for you to fill the dumpster, for time overages we charge just $5/day, if we are able to accommodate.

2. Is there a separate charge for dumpster delivery and pick-up?

No, we never charge extra fees for delivery or pick-up. The owner, Jamie Labelle will personally take your order, deliver your dumpster to the designated spot and then return to pick it up himself.

3. Do you charge any fuel charges or other surcharges?

No again! The entire cost of your dumpster rental for the included time period and weight are included in the prices you see. No hidden fees, you get exactly what you ask for and pay just what you expected for your dumpster.

4. How far in advance do I need to call for a dumpster rental?

If you have a specific date and time that you know you need a dumpster, definitely call as soon as you know so that I can schedule you in. But, anytime the need for a dumper arises for your business or at your home, just let us know. Often, we are able to offer same day delivery if you call early enough during the day and we have the size you are looking for available.

5. Do I have to be there the day the dumpster is delivered?

No one has to be there when the delivery is made as long as payment has been arranged and made ahead of time (we accept cash, check and Paypal) as well as the exact place you want the dumpster has been agreed upon mutually and clearly marked.

6. How full can the roll off dumpster be filled?

Please fill the dumpster no higher than level with the sides. Anything above that will have to be removed by hand and there will be an extra charge for that regardless of weight.

7. Does roofing shingle waste cost extra?

Not necessarily, but we do calculate the cost differently in order to be able to give you a more accurate price for the quote. Before calling for a quote, ask your roofing contractor how many “square” are needed for the job as well as how many layers are on the current roof. This information will allow us to give you more accurate pricing and determine what size dumpster is most appropriate. Shingles are heavy, there is no getting around that, but we like for our customers to have a more accurate amount ahead of time so there are no surprises.

8. What types of material are NOT allowed in the dumpsters?

Things not allowed would be any type of hazardous material, this would include things like asbestos, oils, fuels, propane tanks, batteries, paint, tires, computer monitors, televisions, fluorescent lights, a/c refrigerants, dirt, rocks and household food trash. If you have any questions on specific materials please ask – there are no dumb questions!

9. How do I load my dumpster?

All the dumpsters that we rent have 2 ways to load – from the top and from the backdoor. See the Dumpsters page for details on dimensions.