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Demolitions Tips

Many of our customers rent dumpsters to dispose of material from the demolition of something in their home.  So many people now watch the DIY channel and HGTV and have discovered that by doing your own demo you can often save thousands of dollars.

If you are new at it or even if you have done it a few times here are a couple of tips from the pros.

1. Wear the proper gear – goggles, protective shoes, a helmut and gloves.  Also be sure that if you are working in the same space with someone else that you both are aware of where the other person is so you don’t accidentally hit them or knock something down on top of them! Safety first.

2. Break the material down into pieces small enough that you can easily carry them out to your dumpster.  Additionally, you will also be able to fit more into your dumpster if there aren’t many large, awkwardly shaped items that are wasting space.

3. Clean up as you go along.  Demolition can be a messy process, especially if you are demo-ing one room of your house and living in the rest!  Sweep up as you go along – especially if there are sharp things or other items that you might trip over.  Dust from sheetrock and plaster is another issue.  Hanging old sheets or blankets over doorways and openings can cut down on the spread of the dust to other areas in your home.

4. Make sure that you shut off the power at the electrical box if you are tearing things down that could potentially have live wires and electricity behind that you may accidentally hit or cut into. You can always run an extension cord from another room to an lamp or a halogen light if its too dark to see without the lights on in the room where you are working.

We hope that everyone takes the necessary precautions when doing their demo and if you have any questions that you think we might be able to answer feel free to give a call and ask.

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