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Protecting Your Driveway

We get a lot of questions from our dumpster rental customers asking whether the dumpster will damage their driveway.  There are a few things to take into consideration and the most important one is, what is your driveway made out of?  If its a paved driveway that is not very new, then you should be all set. If your driveway was recently paved and seems still soft to you, you may want to lay down some planks of wood to be on the safe side. 

If your driveway is made out of dirt  or rocks, you still should be ok assuming its a hard surface.  Any softer surface is going to be a bit trickier and the dumpster will most likely leave some sort of indentation that will need to be raked or smoothed over, especially if you are filling the dumpster full.  The heavier the dumpster the more of a mark you will see, obviously.  Additionally, depending on the slope and the weight of the dumpster the roll-off truck may pull the dumpster forward a bit when re-loading onto the truck and you will see this too – all can easily be smoothed over in most circumstances.

The best place for us to deliver your dumpster is on the hardest, flattest surface that you have available.  If you are still concerned, please ask – there are never any stupid questions!

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